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Stylus – Live @ Groove Garden (After Dark) SLC

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We hope you left room for seconds, cuz now into the thick of it. Chapter 2 of 2 recorded live from Groove Garden (After Dark). LA’s Boogie Basics reps & DJ ‘s Thee-o & Robtronic. Together as their alter ego “Stylus” they usher in the closing of the 2013 Groove Garden Season. Held annually, this SICK summer monthly has gained momentum for 3 straight years at this unique indoor/outdoor venue…..>The Garage on Beck Street in SLC.

Hope you enjoy what we’re feedin’ ya

Boogie Basics

Stylus – Live at Techno Sundays

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Boogie Basics welcomes two-man DJ / production team Stylus to the roster, ushering in the group’s inaugural single ‘Got To Have It.’ Comprised of Thee-O and Rob Pointer(a.k.a. Robtronik),each member of Stylus brings nearly two decades worth of professional experience to the table. Simultaneously representing several of the country’s biggest house scenes- Thee-O and Rob have each accrued impressive accolades in their cities. From pioneering studios and directing industry software companies like Propellerhead, to founding feted club nights and alternative festivals, Stylus is hardly short of experience or capability. This live set from Stylus, recorded at Techno Sundays on 06/16/13 will give you a taste of what to expect.

Stylus – Got To Have It ( Available at all online retailers)

For more information on STYLUS please visit www.stylus.la